Pioneer trail

What is a pioneer trail?

In order to satisfy the various wishes of our guests, we constantly explore new routes in order to adapt the lengths and degrees of difficulty of our riding tours to the skills and time windows of our customers. It can happen that we know the route, but have never ridden parts of it ourselves, or not for too long. Although the pioneer trails are well planned, unforeseen events can still occur.

What is the difference to the “normal” trails?

Maybe we have miscalculated the length and we need more time than we thought. Maybe a path is no longer passable after storms or earthquakes and we have to take a detour. Even if the unforeseen can happen, the tours are always well prepared and we have good equipment with us. The well-being of horse and rider is always close to our hearts.

We experience adventure, fantastic scenery and anticipation, what awaits us on the tour. Therefore, we are always ready to share our experiences with others and to take guests on a pioneer trail if they meet certain conditions.
Maximum number of participants 2 persons!

In any case we only take experienced riders with us. Perseverance is important, even if it gets longer than planned. Don’t be afraid of difficult places, a “I can’t” won’t help us in this situation. The food on the way is very simple, but sufficient. Patience is also required if we have to look for a path or ride back a part of it, as can be the case during a voyage of discovery. Most of the time everything goes according to plan, but you still have to be well prepared.

Adventurous and persevering wealthy riders are therefore very welcome!
A pioneer ride is only once a year.