Astronomy and Horse Riding

Astronomy and Horse Riding 2 Days / 1 Night – CLP 100,000 per person

This is a special offer for experienced riders. We combine riding with astronomy, enjoy the great landscape of the Rio Hurtado valley during a ride to the observatory and admire the night sky through a telescope.


1st day

Arrival of guests and early dinner. We start riding between 18:00 and 19:00 depending on the season. During a two-hour ride we enjoy the great landscape until we finally arrive at a colonial-style hacienda with its own observatory. On the way we can rely on the surefootedness of the horses.

Before we get to the astronomical part, we sit together on the terrace and drink a Pisco Sour, the Chilean national drink. Finally our guests are picked up by a hobby astronomer for the observatory tour. This includes theory as well as the observation of celestial bodies through a high quality telescope. After the one and a half hour guided tour we ride on the road back to Seron, where we arrive after midnight. Since it is already dark on the way back, we only take experienced riders with us, who are not afraid to ride without light at night.

2nd day

After the night in one of our guest rooms we serve breakfast. Afterwards farewell and individual return or onward journey.


– Riding tour approx. 3.5 hours
– 1 Pisco Sour
– Observatory tour approx. 90 min
– 1 night
– Dinner/breakfast