The eye into the universe

The eye into the universe 6 days / 5 nights

A tour that offers a lot of variety in just a few days. We ride past the Gemini Observatory and have a great view of other observatories. We get an insight into the life of the goat herdsman and ride through great landscapes.


1st day

Arrival of the guests, briefing of the tour and preparation of the luggage. Dinner and overnight stay in the guest room.

2nd day

After the night in one of our guest rooms and breakfast, the riders are introduced to their horse and we pack the mule with the luggage. Before we start, we briefly introduce the participants – also experienced riders – to the Chilean riding style. Once the saddlebags are packed, the girths tightened and the arms creamed, we are ready to go. Meeting place is approx. 10.00 o’clock.

We ride past an almost 200-year-old church, the pride of Seron. Unfortunately, the church has already seen better times, until the renovation parrot use the house as a nesting place. From the road we ride up into the mountains to enjoy a beautiful view. The different colours of the slopes are impressive. Because of the many minerals in the ground they shine from violet to green, up to red and yellow. Further up the valley we cross the river Rio Hurtado and reach the village of the same name, where we set up our camp for the night.

3rd day

After breakfast and loading the mule, we ride up the opposite side of the valley towards Cerro Negro. This way we get a different view of our valley. The ascent is exhausting for the horses, but they are used to the work. Once we reach the top, we ride on flat until we reach a goat herder who is already waiting for us with a tasty asado. At his place we set up our camp for the night, feed the horses with hay and enjoy the cosy get-together with the shepherd.

4th day

Today we ride on the Cerro Pachón, past the Gemini Observatory. Gemini means twin. While the observatory on the Cerro Pachón is for observing the southern sky, his twin in Hawaii is in the northern hemisphere. Gemini is one of the various provesional observatories located in the Rio Hurtado valley. Unfortunately, the entrance for private persons is not possible. But if you want to visit an observatory, please contact us. We follow the mountain range until we finally get back to a goatherd where we spend the night. With a little luck we will have fresh goat cheese.

Option: Depending on weather and moon phase we offer a short night ride according to desire.

5th day

Early risers are welcome to watch the milking and maybe even to help themselves. After breakfast we make our way back to Seron. If you ride uphill, you have to go down again. All along the way we enjoy the great view of our valley and the horses prove their surefootedness once more. Arrived at home, the horses get their well-deserved break and after the nights outside we enjoy the comfort of the guest rooms.

6th day

Farewell and individual onward or return journey