Multi-day tours

Rio Hurtado in all its glory. You decide how long you want to be on the road.

There are hardly any limits to your imagination on the multi-day tours. The most important consideration is: How long do I want to be on the road? The Rio Hurtado offers countless peaks, the valley is long and can be explored a lot. Overnight is spent outside under the stars, in a tent or we use the hospitality of the locals. Just tell us how many days you want to sit in the saddle and we will organize a tour. Always from one place to the next, from one summit to another. Of course, you can also choose from the already proven programs below.

In order to prepare ourselves optimally for the riding tour, we meet one day before the start of the tour. We will inform you what the coming days will bring and determine the starting time for the first day. This can vary depending on the day’s destination, distance and riding experience. After the night in one of our guest rooms and breakfast, the riders are introduced to their horse and we pack the mule with the luggage. Before we start, we briefly introduce the participants – also experienced riders – to the Chilean riding style. Once the saddlebags are packed, the girths tightened and the arms creamed, we are ready to go.

What is included

We serve breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon and dinner on the way upon arrival. Each rider receives a saddlebag for his personal utensils such as sun cream, camera and more. You will also get your sleeping mat, sleeping bag and tent from us. The riding tour is paid per riding day, including one overnight stay before and one overnight stay after the ride.

What you should bring along yourself

The riders should wear good shoes and comfortable trousers. If you want to wear a riding helmet, you have to take it with you. In the north of Chile the sun is very strong and there is little shade, so sun protection is strongly recommended. For on the way you need toiletries, a warm sweater for the evening and possibly FlipFlops to relax your feet.

You can find more information under “packing list” and “safety”.

Riding season

October to March

Group sizes

1-6 persons

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