Cordillera de los Andes… A name that sounds like magic and mysticism to many Europeans…

We discover a lonely, wild region, far away from the rest of the world. We cross on horseback, following the paths of the cattle drovers, a still untouched nature, where silence and impassable mountains are our constant companions. We start an adventure far away from civilization, we cross rivers with crystal clear water, cross native forests, climb windy mountains, sleep in tents or in the open air in a majestic landscape. We enjoy dinner around a campfire under a clear starry sky. We discover places that only a few privileged and adventurous people get to know.

Day tours

Day tours Beautiful day rides through a unique landscape with great views. Even those who don't have much time can experience the mountains and freedom up […]

Multi-day tours

Multi-day tours Rio Hurtado in all its glory. You decide how long you want to be on the road. There are hardly any limits to your […]

Special tours

Special tours Horse riding connected with astronomy, getting to know another region or connecting two different regions. This is possible with our special tours. We call […]