Why our horseriding tours are so unique

We are responsive to the needs and wishes of our guests, we offer an experience in a beautiful, touristically unspoilt area, we adapt the tour length to the ideas of our guests and are only on the road in small groups. Our guests are outdoor people who love nature, adventure and the extraordinary as much as we do!

With us you can choose between wonderful, pre-planned tours. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, please feel free to make your wishes known. We are very flexible regarding tour length, number of days and degree of difficulty. Always with the necessary breaks for our horses!

The great thing is that we hardly have to worry about the weather, mostly the sky is bright blue. At night we admire the clear starry sky!

With our offers we support the locals and give you an insight into the traditional life of goat herders. For them it becomes more and more difficult to live from their activity as shepherds, the dryness makes it difficult for them and the business with the goats ran in former times better than today. We want to promote an adapted tourism, not attract masses. Our aim is to combine quality with a simple life.