View to the stars

Observatory tour -> a MUST!

The north of Chile is world famous for its clear starry sky.

The starry sky overwhelms the observer with its multitude of celestial bodies. It does not only contain more stars than the northern sky, but captivates by the incomparable conditions: Neither light nor air pollution impair the view. The observer can see the constellations of the southern hemisphere, such as the large dog with the brightest star for the eye, Sirius. Also noteworthy are the constellations Centaur, Southern Cross, Scorpio and the Warrior Orion as well as the two Magellanic clouds, which are small, irregularly shaped companions of our galaxy.

The clear air conditions over Rio Hurtado are known all over the world. Already several observatories like Gemini, El Pangue, Tololo, El Sauce and last but not least the Daniel Verschatse Observatory, which is close to us, have settled in Rio Hurtado. Astronomers and astrophotographers travel from very far away to take advantage of the good sky conditions.

If you would like to get an idea of it yourself, we will gladly take you to the Daniel Verschatse Observatory, not far from us, and thus on a journey into the vastness of our galaxy.

At full moon no observatory tours can be offered because of the too big brightness.

Included in the tour

– transfer

– Pisco sour (an aperitif that doesn’t just fit before dinner)

– Observatory tour (approx. 90 min. duration, depends on the moon phase)