Tour Valle Elqui

The parallel valley Valle Elqui is well known, especially by esotericists, and can be reached from us via Hurtado and Vicuña. Although the road is constantly being improved, there are still no public buses to Vicuña. The route itself is also very popular by motorcyclists, it has many curves and beautiful views on the various passes.

As already mentioned, Valle Elqui can only be reached by public transport via Ovalle-La Serena-Vicuña. It is also possible to try to hitchhike, but the road is not very busy.

There is also the possibility to book a complete tour, which includes a visit to a Pisco distillery and stops at different places in the Elqui valley.

Attention: Those who love the peace, seclusion, the simple life and the nature will like Rio Hurtado better.

Included in the tour

– Entrance Pisco Distillery

– lunch