At the Rodeo, the national sport in Chile, the Huasos (Chilean cowboys) always start in pairs. In a round corral, a so-called medialuna (half moon), the riders follow a cow along the gang to a certain area, where the horses have to push the cow with the chest against the gang. Depending on whether and how this succeeds, points are distributed. Afterwards, the lively hustle and bustle takes place in the opposite direction. The cow is subjected to this procedure three times until it is finally released from the arena.

The horses are the pride and joy of the Huasos and are trained and driven to perfection. The rodeo is the longed-for opportunity for the riders to show their horses and their skills. The rodeo does not only include the actual competition, but also the traditional surrounding. The huasos in their traditional costumes, the many horses, the typical food, the stalls and the dances to folk music in the evening create a pleasant atmosphere.

If a rodeo should take place during your stay in the valley, you are welcome to accompany us there. Unfortunately, the dates of these events are always fixed at very short notice.