On the traces of the past

On the traces of the past

Not for nothing our valley is called “Rio Hurtado – Magico y Natural”. Already thousands of years ago the first creatures discovered our region. The proof can be found in the Pichasca National Park, where dinosaur bones have been excavated. While a piece of spine and a rib were brought to a museum in Santiago, the rest of the skeleton is still there. Besides fossilized tree trunks you can admire petroglyphs (stone inscriptions) of past cultures, for example the Molle, Diaguitas or Inkas.

Apart from the cultural places, the tour includes a 1-2-hour walk along the “Sendero de Chile”, which takes interested people through the whole of Chile. Unfortunately, the project has not been realized until today and instead of a continuous path only parts exist. One of them leads through our valley, from Samo Alto to Pichasca.

We will gladly take you on a journey into the past, not far away from us.

Included in the tour

– entry

– lunch

Duration approx. 5 hours

Of course, it is also possible to explore the Pichasca National Park on your own. From Seron there are buses to San Pedro de Pichasca. From there, one would have to get to the national park on foot or by hitchhiking. We can also take you there and pick you up (CLP 20.000 per way).