Our house is still under construction, but our guest rooms are already finished. We have designed and built the house ourselves to meet not only our but also the needs of our guests. Whoever lives with us should feel comfortable and be able to relax after a riding tour. We have a large terrace, various hammocks and cosy places under shady trees. Apart from the shouting of the wild, colourful Tricahue parrots it is very quiet with us. If you book a riding tour with us, you may of course stay with us. One night before and one night after the riding tour are included in the price. Of course you can book additional overnight stays.

Double bedroom

Double bedroom The double bedroom is located in the basement. The large window faces grapes and horse pasture. The room has its own bathroom with shower/WC, […]

Four-bed room

Four-bed room The four-bed room is a spacious room with a great view towards Cordillera. It can be entered through the house or directly from the […]

Traditional Loam House

Near our house, right next to the village centre, there is a traditional, almost 100-year-old loam hous. We lived there for four years. We hope to be able to renovate this atmospheric accommodation soon. However, if you are interested, we are already renting the rooms now, in a rustic state, for people with little requirements or those who want to enjoy the simple life. Those who live there can also make use of the many fruit trees in the garden. Depending on the season, figs, apricots, peaches, plums, oranges, nuts and much more grow.

Traditional mud house

Traditional mud house The house should soon be 100 years old and was traditionally built of Adobe, clay brick. It has experienced and survived many earthquakes […]

More Accommodations

Those who want to continue their journey before or after the tour will find the following accommodation in the Rio Hurtao valley:

With a local family

In order to experience the cordiality, hospitality and conviviality of the Chileans at first hand, you have the opportunity here to stay directly with a friendly family. They love to tell you about their life in the country, about the Pisco grapes, the drought, the goats and the festivals in the valley. In return, they are also very interested in the origin of the living conditions of the guests. The idea of this kind of overnight stay aims at the exchange and getting to know different cultures and ways of life. Although Spanish is not a must here, it is definitely an advantage as the locals speak neither English nor German. The accommodation is clean and lovingly furnished and the rooms also have their own bathroom.

On a traditional Hacienda

The Hacienda el Bosque with 2000 hectares is one of the largest haciendas in the Rio Hurtado valley. In addition to agriculture, livestock and horse breeding, the new owners also want to dedicate themselves to tourism. For this purpose, the former staff accommodation was converted into pretty, comfortable and comfortable bungalows. The property belonging to the Hacienda el Bosque reaches high into the Cordillera up to the Argentine border and offers therefore innumerable possibilities to pass the time. Be it on horseback, on specially bred horses, on an adventurous ride in a jeep through the Cordillera or on an organized hike up to 4,500 m.a.s.l. As with all of our tours, the focus here is on meeting the locals, getting to know Chilean culture and discovering areas that are hardly accessible to tourists. The accommodations are cosy, hacienda-style bungalows. Each bungalow has a bathroom with bathtub/WC, two rooms, fridge, kettle and a spacious terrace. Each bungalow can accommodate up to six people.

On a hacienda with its own observatory

Not far away from us is my former place of work, a hacienda in colonial style. The owner comes from Belgium, the administrators from Germany. So you can easily communicate in German and English. Besides comfortable rooms, a great outdoor area and good food, the Hacienda also has its own observatory with professional equipment. There, tours are offered by motivated amateur astronomers and astrophotographers. The night sky in our valley is known all over the world and especially those who are there at new moon should not miss this tour.